About This Site

An important part of 90s and early 2000s internet culture was the Geocities fansite. Simple yet custom-made websites created with rudimentary HTML and dedicated to specific characters or series were widespread in the Web 1.0 era. Some of them contained a great breadth of information about their subjects, while others merely had a few images and lines of text, but all visualized the love of their creators for the subject matter at hand.

These fan sites have largely faded away, their role supplanted by wikis and social media pages. I am rather fond of these pieces of internet history, however, and this website was created with the intention of carrying on the tradition of the Geocities fansite into the 2020s.

The subject matter of this fansite is, of course, Kataribe Tsumugu, a Nijisanji virtual liver (aka vtuber). Kataribe is best known for her... unique delivery circumstances. She debuted in January 2019, streamed 3 times, made a cryptic tweet on 11 March 2019 (the date the timer on this site is counting up from), and has been silent ever since then. It is worth noting that Kataribe has not graduated and is still an official member of Nijisanji. She is in contact with Nijisanji staff, is listed as a member on Ichikara's website, still has voice packs available to purchase, and still recieves new artwork from time to time, such as for Nijifes 2021.

The intention of this site is to show my appreciation for Kataribe. I hope it is not interpreted as an attempt to pressure her (not that she is likely to see this) into streaming or whatnot, as that is not my intention. I do worry that the timer on this site - something which I included because I thought it would look nice - might be interpreted as that. I may remove the timer sometime in the future. Of course, I am genuinely a fan of Kataribe's content, as brief as it may be, and would love to see her return to streaming in her own time.

In terms of design, my initial idea to make a website that more literally aped the style of 90s-early 2000s Geocities web pages, similar to the personal website that I created for 2021 April Fools' Day. I abandoned that idea as I came to believe that something a bit more modern would be most appropriate for the aesthetic that I am going for. That being said, my HTML skills are very rudimentary, so this is still basically a 90s website in terms of architecture cosplaying as something a bit more contemporary. I'll try to make it a bit more slick as I learn more about HTML and CSS. In true Geocities fashion, this website is always under construction.

All artwork of Kataribe found on this site is property of Ichikara Inc. unless otherwise noted. I have created this website in accordance with Ichikara's guidelines on derivative works. Other assets used are ones available under Creative Commons.

The typeface I'm currently using for headings is Averia Libre, a really interesting typeface that can be found on Google Fonts. For body text, I'm using IBM Plex Serif, also available on Google Fonts.

You can find me on Twitter @Jaehaerys48. Feel free to follow me and ask me any questions or whatnot. I generally enjoy talking to new people.

- Jaehaerys48, 7 April 2021.